The Best Restaurants In Folkestone

At Folkestone Foodies, we write about the best food in Folkestone. We feature articles about the best restaurants in Folkestone, and the best bars in Folkestone, giving you in-depth insights into the food, the service and the overall experience. Our aim is to provide a comprehensive guide and up-to-date information about where to eat in Folkestone.

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Folkestone is full of great places to eat. At Folkestone Foodies we have made it our mission to sample as many restaurants in Folkestone as possible, and showcase what the town has to offer. This site has many feature articles on some of the best places to eat in Folkestone, which you can find on our Eating Out page. New restaurants are appearing in Folkestone all the time, and there is always something exciting to write about, so make sure you subscribe to our mailing list to stay up to date!

The Best Bars In Folkestone

It would be wrong of us to overlook the fact that Folkestone has some incredible places to have a drink. We write about some of the best bars in Folkestone on our Drinking Out page.

The Best Food Stalls, Bar Snacks & Quick Bites In Folkestone

Sometimes you don’t have time for a big meal and you just need a quick snack. Or sometimes you just need to find the best place for lunch in Folkestone. The Folkestone Harbour Arm is full of great places for quick bites, but it’s not the only place in Folkestone. You can find some real hidden gems for lunch if you know where to look.

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