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Django’s On The Corner – The “Colossal” Corner Café

There are some places in Folkestone that feel like part of the furniture. Whilst there are always new restaurants and cafés popping up in the town, there are many that have been around for decades. These well-established businesses have stood the test of time. One such eatery is Django’s Café and Petit Bistro, soon to be renamed Django’s On The Corner.

Django’s has spanned three decades

We spoke to Dean, who has owned Django’s since 2000 with his wife Angie. In the last 22 years, a lot has changed in the town, and Dean has seen it all. “When we first opened, there was nothing else around. This part of town was almost derelict. We actually first started Django’s as a tea room with some business partners, but when they decided after a few months that it wasn’t for them, we changed to a café bistro. I’m a chef, so it made a lot more sense.”

And if you ever wondered where the name Django’s actually came from, the café happens to be named after the Romani-French jazz guitarist Django Reinhardt, whose image adorns the window above the entrance.

A European influence

If you visit Django’s, and you certainly should, you will see Jägerschnitzel on the menu. This cheese and herb crusted pork loin escalope, topped with a creamy garlic and chive mushroom sauce, is a nod to Dean’s early years spent in Germany training as a chef. And, of course, the Moules Frites with a Django twist is another European style dish. Here, the mussels are cooked with garlic and white wine, chorizo, asparagus, scallions and tomatoes.

Though Dean has taken a step back from working as the chef at Django’s due to his health, he still makes the decisions about what goes on the menu, including the range of drinks that they serve. While we chatted in the afternoon sunshine, he offered us a few glasses of his new find, a French brut cider from Normandy called Sassy L’Inimitable Cidre. This full-bodied, sparkling tipple was delicious. Not too dry, not too sweet and at a pleasant 5.2%, it will be a great addition to the menu.

A lavish lunch

After a couple of glasses, our lunch arrived, and we were very impressed. Exclusive to Django’s is the Gambas Rojas. These are colossal Argentinian wild red king prawns with herbed garlic butter, served with spiced couscous, side salad and garlic and rosemary ciabatta. “Colossal” refers to the size category of the prawn. They are classed as colossal when they are under 15 prawns per pound of weight, meaning they are absolutely huge.

Gambas Rojas – Colossal Argentinian Wild Red King Prawns

And they were meaty and delicious, cooked to perfection and flavoured beautifully. All placed atop a generous portion of gently spiced, roasted vegetable couscous. The herbed garlic butter was to die for. This is the butter the prawns are cooked in, containing all those wonderful juices and flavours. It’s served in a ramekin for dipping rather than poured over the dish. But you can’t help spooning some over the couscous too. Pure butter-soaked gorgeousness. Highly recommended.

Chilli Beef & Bean Bowl

Homemade and heavenly

The homemade chilli beef and bean bowl was served with soured cream, guacamole, a ramekin (we asked for extra and got a huge bowl!) of three cheeses and charred garlic French bread. Dean recommended adding melted mozzarella and chilli flakes to the garlic bread, which the chef did for us, and it was fabulous. And the chilli beef itself was particularly good. It was a deeply flavoured, generous portion with the perfect balance of beef and beans. A hearty lunch indeed.

A great place for breakfast too

Django’s also serves a great selection of breakfast dishes. These include some unique twists on some classic dishes, such as Tuscan Beans On Toast and Django’s own interpretation of Omelette Arnold Bennett. For those with a larger appetite, there’s Django’s Colossal Breakfast, a full English that’s not for the faint-hearted.

It’s bigger than you think

Django’s has a great outdoor space to dine in the sunshine in the morning and through to the mid-afternoon. And, along with the indoor space, there is a downstairs area that’s not easy to spot at first glance. You might think that all the tables are full when you peer through the windows, but it’s worth asking if they have a table free downstairs. Because, whilst a lot of restaurants treat these areas as last resort, overflow tables, that’s not true for Django’s. The basement is a beautiful space, with a quirky, continental charm, and a delightful place to be. There’s absolutely no need to feel disappointed about dining downstairs.

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Django’s On The Corner

If you’re a resident of Folkestone, you’ll know Django’s. It’s that one on the corner at the bottom of the high street. Having repeated so many times to those who asked, that Django’s Café and Petit Bistro was “that one on the corner,” Dean has decided to rename his eatery Django’s On The Corner. If you want to pay a visit, it’s advisable to book, as it’s a popular spot. We love it here, for breakfast and for lunch. And if Dean’s plans work out, Django’s On The Corner might soon become your new favourite evening spot too. You heard it here first.

To book a table, call Django’s On The Corner on 01303 256556
Follow Django’s on Facebook.

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