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Sunray Burgers – Ultimate Comfort Food

If you head down to The Goods Yard on The Harbour Arm in Folkestone, you will find it is a great little spot for grabbing a drink and a bite to eat from some of the many food and drink stalls that surround it. It has a vibrant atmosphere down there, perfect for a sunny afternoon. But these aren’t your average burger stalls. The standard is pretty high and you are likely to find some unique offerings to satisfy any appetite.

We saw the queues at Lobster & Burgers (Sunray burgers) and knew we had to try some. And the food was well worth the wait.

The Lobster Mac and Cheese is the ultimate comfort food, with a generous portion of lobster that works incredibly well with the rich cheese sauce. We added bacon to ours to make it even more of a treat. The flavours in the Mac and cheese were just gorgeous, definitely some garlic in there, some red onion and chives, as well as some crispy onion bits to give it some crunch. I’m salivating just writing about it.

Lobster Mac & Cheese with added Bacon

We also ordered a Lobster Double Burger with Maple Bacon, and of course we added the optional mac and cheese to it for extra filth. You can’t help getting messy eating one of these, but it’s worth it. So, so good. It has two 28-day aged, locally sourced, smashed beef patties, Sunray’s own special seasoning, a generous pile of lobster meat, cheese, pickles, burnt butter and tarragon mayo all loaded on a toasted bun. Amazing!

Lobster Double Burger with Maple Bacon and Mac & Cheese

You can find Sunray Burgers on Instagram @sunray.burgers

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