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Little Rock – The Most Romantic Of Settings

This beautiful beachside bistro is the little sister of popular restaurant Rock Salt. Much like it’s big brother, it serves a wonderful selection of seafood, but with the added advantage of a larger outdoor space, right on the beach. With the palm trees and the sound of the crashing waves, it’s easy to lose yourself in the gorgeous scenery as you sip wine and swallow oysters as if on a Mediterranean beach getaway.

Taken from inside – the wind was a little chilly!

A Sunset Breeze

We enjoyed a few glasses of wine outside as we watched the sun disappear over the horizon. Then, because the wind picked up, the staff kindly allowed us to move inside, where we enjoyed a fantastic selection of seafood. Housed within a shipping container, Little Rock serves fresh, local and seasonal fish and seafood, supplied straight from The Folkestone Trawlers operating out of Folkestone Harbour and the surrounding Hythe Bay area. Our starter was Grilled Local Scallops, wonderfully presented on the shells atop a bed of decorative seaweed, with garlic and herb butter and fish batter scraps. A lovely start to the meal, and the batter scraps added a lovely bit of crunch. But the pièce de résistance was yet to come.

Seafood Platter for two

Fresh From The Sea

This incredible selection of fresh, local seafood blew us away. Oysters, Folkstone Crab, Whipped Cod’s Roe, Prawns, Mussels, Langoustines, Marinated Whelks, and Cockles, served with Docker Sourdough & Salted Butter. And it’s great value at £39.50 for a platter for two.

The service was friendly and fast, which made for a perfect, sunset evening dining on the beach. If you like your fish, Little Rock has it all. Great local food in a fantastic location. You’ll find them just off the boardwalk, next to the Pilot Bar, another spawn of the iconic Rock Salt Restaurant.

Follow Little Rock on Instagram @littlerockfolkestone.

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