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The Bouverie Tap – Folkestone’s Favourite Local

There are places to eat and drink in Folkestone that you are happy just to visit every once in a while. They are the kind of establishments that are great for a one-off treat, or somewhere different to go to mix things up a little. And then there are the places that you’ll tend to gravitate towards, where you’ll spend a lot of your time, and in some cases become a firm regular.

There can be no bigger accolade for a pub or restaurant than for us as patrons to choose it as our “local”. More often than not, it’s a choice of preference rather than location. After all, this will be the place where you go to catch up with friends, relax after a long day at work, and enjoy some good food and drink. So it’s not a decision people make lightly and most are willing to forgo the convenience of the nearest pub or restaurant to spend time somewhere they would rather be.

And with so many great options in Folkestone right on our doorstep, we are spoilt for choice. Whether you’re looking for an old-fashioned boozer with a cosy atmosphere, or somewhere modern with craft beers and live music – you’ll be able to find it in Folkestone.

The Lure Of The Local

But what makes us choose to spend our precious time at some places over others? What are the magic ingredients that draw us back time after time? There’s one place in Folkestone that seems to have mastered that recipe for success – The Bouverie Tap.

The Bouverie Tap

For me, there’s something about The Bouverie Tap that just feels like home. The regulars are friendly, the staff are fantastic, the atmosphere is just right, and the quirky interior full of war memorabilia, old maps and flags sets it apart from your average pub restaurant. It’s dog-friendly and family-friendly, and there’s always a warm, welcoming vibe to the place.

The Pub / Restaurant Dilemma – A Perfect Balance

But one of the most impressive things about The Bouverie Tap is how it manages to effortlessly shapeshift from pub to restaurant, and vice versa. It’s whatever you want it to be, and that’s no mean feat. All too often, pubs feel the need to separate their dining experience from the bar, which is often to the detriment of the atmosphere.

The Bouverie Tap strikes the perfect balance, as if bar and restaurant exist in a symbiotic relationship, each enhancing the other. Whilst the majority of meals are served in the areas furthest from the bar, you are free to eat and drink at any table, and diners and drinkers intermingle happily.

Whether it’s intentional or a happy accident, it works brilliantly. And that’s why people return time and time again, whether it’s for an after-work pint, a cosy meal, a few drinks at the weekend or a Sunday roast with the family, it’s the perfect place.

Reliably Good Grub

The menu here is classic pub grub done well. The food is always reliably good, and the restaurant’s popularity speaks for itself. With regular weekly specials, Burger Wednesdays, top notch breakfasts and their famous Sunday roasts, there is something for everyone.

Luke’s Homemade Haggis Sausage Roll

Our most recent visit was just after Burns Night, and we couldn’t resist ordering Luke’s Homemade Haggis Sausage Roll to start, a variation on the usual mammoth sausage roll you might find as a regular on the menu. Served with a red onion chutney, it makes a great bar snack – perfect with a pint of Bouverie Pilsner, the Tap’s own label lager.

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Salt & Pepper Squid with Sweet Chilli Mayo

We also went for a firm favourite of ours, the Salt and Pepper Squid with Sweet Chilli Mayo – classic pub fare and always delicious.

Homemade Steak & Ale Pie

And you can’t get better than the Homemade Meat Pie Of The Day with lashings of gravy, served with mash and peas. We had a beautiful Steak and Ale Pie on our last visit. This is a proper pie, not a meat stew with a puff pastry lid masquerading as a pie like so many pubs insist on serving. The filling is generous, the meat is meltingly tender and the pastry is golden and crisp.

Beer Battered Fish & Chips

One of the menu highlights is the ever-popular Beer Battered Fish and Chips with Homemade Mushy Peas and Tartare Sauce. Light and crispy beer batter, meaty fish and proper chunky chips – what’s not to like?

Heavenly Highlights And Sumptuous Specials

The ½ KG of Mussels in White Wine, Cream and Garlic, the 8oz Dry-Aged Rump Steak and any of the sizeable and tasty burgers on the menu also come highly recommended.

And it’s often well worth a visit for the specials alone – we have never been disappointed. You can expect anything from Slow-Cooked Lamb Shank to a glorious Bacon-Topped Mac & Cheese or Minted Lamb Burger, and it’s always delicious. Their recent Beef Short-Rib cooked in Krombacher Dark Beer was sublime.

Black Cherry & Amaretto Cheesecake

Desserts With A Twist From The Tap

Desserts here are every bit as good as you would expect. You’ll find all the old favourites on the menu, often with a little Bouverie Tap twist. My Cheesecake Of The Day was a homemade Black Cherry and Amaretto Cheesecake – very, very nice.

Homemade Sticky Toffee Pudding & Custard

And the Bouverie’s own Homemade Sticky Toffee Pudding and Custard was a hit with Mrs FF – as good as you’ll find anywhere in Folkestone.

Sunday Roasts At The Bouverie Tap

A Sunday Favourite

The Bouverie Tap is well known for its incredible Sunday Roasts. Make sure you book early if you want to grab a table – their roasts are very popular, and for good reason. Even if we don’t make it for a roast dinner, our Sunday afternoon pint is often accompanied by some of the free leftover roasties that are handed around by the staff. Yum!

Nostalgic Nosh

What I love about the food here is you get a real sense of nostalgia, as if you’re sitting down to a home-cooked meal, just like your mum used to make. It’s just good, honest food. We love it, and it makes us return time and time again.

To book a table at The Bouverie Tap, you can call them on 01303 255977 or email

And don’t forget to follow The Bouverie Tap on Facebook & Instagram

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