A little about Folkestone Foodies

We love eating out. We love Folkestone. So it made sense to combine the two to create this blog. And it seemed to us that, despite Folkestone being one of the best seaside towns in the country, with the most amazing restaurants, nobody was talking about it.

Over 90% of people who book a table at a restaurant have researched it online beforehand. So having useful information about food, service and experience before booking is important.

The restaurant industry runs on small profit margins. All too often you see great restaurants forced to close because they just can’t make ends meet. And in the current climate, that is happening more and more. What with eating out considered a luxury for those that can afford it, people tightening their purse strings, suppliers rising their prices and energy bills going through the roof, our local restaurants need all the help they can get.

Our restaurants battled through tough times during the covid pandemic and the buzzing food scene in Folkestone is now under threat from the cost of living crisis.

So Folkestone Foodies exists to help support our local restaurants and bars, to help promote what they do and keep the Folkestone food scene alive. We write in-depth articles on restaurants, bars and cafés in Folkestone and the surrounding area.

Folkestone Foodies is a Castle Hill Media website. Castle Hill Media are a Folkestone based media company specialising in website and blog creation for businesses, promotional photography and video, and social media strategy. Castle Hill Media also run the media site This Life, which posts high quality articles on a range of topics.

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